Licensing terms

Through these regulations the use of the software FOTO-MOSAIK-EDDA PROFESSIONAL, hereafter named “software”, will be explained. Please read the license regulations carefully before you buy, download, or use the software.
If you are not in agreement with these terms, you will not receive a license for this software. In this case, you are not permitted to use this software.

1 Ownership rights

1.1 All rights, ownership rights, and other legal interests with regard to the software (including all existing copyright laws and other laws concerning intellectual property) continue to belong to Steffen Satrapa as the author of the software, hereafter named “license provider”.
1.2 The software will not be sold; it will be licensed. With regards to the software, a use right with certain stipulations according to the following regulations will be sold.

2 Issuing the License

2.1 After the purchase of the software, you will receive an email to your entered email address with the license and the link to download the software. The license is in a file in which your name and email address with the licensing key are encoded. This license data will be needed to run the software.
2.2 One license is allowed to be used either by a single person for personal use on up to a total of two computers (however, not simultaneously), or it can be installed on one computer and used by multiple people. In other situations, you will need as many licenses as there are computers and who need to run the software. When you purchase multiple licenses for the software, you may only use as many copies as you have licenses.
2.3 If the software is installed in a network and is available to run on all computers, then the number of licenses for the software must be greater than or equal to the number of PCs, server and terminal clients to whom the software is available.

3 Limitations of the License

3.1 You are not permitted, without written consent of the license provider, to give the software or associated written material to any third party or to in any way make it accessible.
3.2 The use of the software on multiple computers without a license or the illegal distribution using a file sharing service or a similar internet medium will be civilly and criminally prosecuted.
3.3 You are not permitted to reverse engineer the software, decompile, or disassemble it, or to remove or change copyright marks or registered trademarks.
3.4 The software is licensed as a whole product. You are not permitted to separate the components of the software in order to use them on more than one computer.
3.5 You are not permitted to rent out or lease the software product.

4 Guarantee

4.1 It is impossible to guarantee that the software will meet every need of the user, nor that it will operate together with the user's existing software or hardware.
4.2 The license provider reminds purchasers that, given the current state of technology, it is not possible to make computer software perfectly error free.

5 Updates

5.1 The license provider is allowed, but not required, to make updates public.

6 Other

6.1 If parts or single phrases of the license agreement do not meet the applicable rights situation, or do not fully or currently apply to the rights situation, the other parts of the agreement remain binding. In this case, the parties are required to find an effective and complementary agreement.